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the end;

November 5, 2009



This blog was opened on 9th June and I’ve officially blogged here for… 4 days till five months. :)

So many things have changed! This blog probably documents the most dramatic period of my JC life though I try to be… less specific about details hahaha! :P

This time I’m moving on to Tumblr because its prettier and my URL is easier to remember without gay connotations :D

You can’t comment there, but … who does, anyway?! This blog has been silent for ages :P



November 2, 2009


There Is A Tipping Point To Everything

Trapped in my prison of perfection
Armed with only blurred memories
Tightening grips but my strength slips
There is a tipping point to everything

I fear my reflection I must be a beast
With these ghastly thoughts locked
Within foul dreams I must encrypt
There is a tipping point to everything

Tomorrow I will persuade myself of my
Sanity once more running from my reality
Eyes closed obstinate yet obsolete
There is a tipping point to everything

Was listening to “You And I”, because it sounds … comforting.

This sounds like a rant, but whatever. I’m in an uncommunicative mood right now.

I feel like sleeping in tomorrow.

1 and a half years of fandom to THIS.

November 2, 2009
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THANKS MAN! I’ve been having a shitty day (I fucking hate PW) and now this thing hits me in the face.

What more can I say? I feel betrayed, annoyed and repulsive towards DBSK now.

DBSK is… ruined :( What is wrong with them!? TAKING SIDES? Yeah, keep the faith my ass. YH and CM’s dads should STFU too.

Even if this whole thing is resolved, DBSK won’t be the same again.

Some things can never be reversed.


November 2, 2009
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I want to sleep until 10am!

I want to ignore my OP script!!

I want to watch You’re Beautiful ep 9!!!

I DO NOT WANT TO DO ANYTHING ELSE (e.g. memorise my script, wake up early, think about … -censored- URGH)

I’m having a moment.

Let me whine :(

ARGH MY COMPUTER IS SCREWED D: < FFFFFF stop prompting me damn it!!!

-rolls over-


(And this is how jy died… Or got 4 more demerit points)

the rabbits strike!

November 1, 2009

After bringing Evelyn’s laptop back with me just now, I’ve decided to buy another laptop instead of the one I had in mind. Hers is only like, 2.2 kg – and I wanted to die holding it for more than 10 mins already -.- The one I like is 2.45kg?! :(

Anyway, I realised I have no life. I slept from like, 5 or something until 9pm, and now (2:15am) can’t fall asleep :(

So I’m here to talk about random things! (As you probably guessed from the title :D)

  • What is the point of glasses?

^ I meant these things.
Name one thing this thing can do, and a mug cannot. Its hard to clean, fragile and slippery! Condensation slips down the surface so fast too. Impractical can?!

  • These days I’ve been drinking a lot of water.

I swear. I’m addicted to that foul, tasteless combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

  • Momo Love (?!) is dumb

AKA. 桃花小妹, which is showing on channel U now after BOF. The name is retarded – and any girl who’s called 桃花 will probably be despised by the rest of the female population for acting cute and having such a despo name.

What episode was it today? I’ve already seen many cliches in the few minutes I’ve watched. 1) Guy saves girl from car, 2) Girl falls down on guy and kisses him, 3) Girl and guy meets a number of times before they were introduced, thus reinforcing the fact that they were predestined to be together, yada yada.

  • Erised is desire spelt backwards
  • I already forsee withdrawal symptoms when You’re Beautiful ends :(
  • I don’t know what to think:

A post about a lost thumb drive on SMB actually stated “If you like the thumbdrive, you can burn the information into a DVD and ask the college reception to pass the DVD to me.
Its a legitimate (I guess) but really saddening and ridiculous post at the same time :/

On a happier note…


You’re beautiful <3

Heh this show is brilliant ^^

Argh I’m hungry :(


my sister’s keeper

October 29, 2009
More spazzing …
  • I discovered that I’m very, very partial to guys with cute smiles.
  • Watched You’re Beautiful ep 7 on tudou!! ♥ I love the Chinese when it comes to subbing :D
  • Big Bang on Come To Play is so funny 8D

I watched My Sister’s Keeper earlier with Evelyn and Jason. I agree with Jason; some scenes are too draggy. However the character Anna was played fairly well. Cameron Diaz fit the role too. But I have a couple of gripes with the rest of the cast – Jesse was two-dimensional and Kate was at times awkward (especially at teary scenes IMO). They could have saved on that long beach scene and developed the other characters more.

The ending! Oh god, that blew the movie for me :( It was alright until I realised that they changed the ending, which is actually the highlight and purpose of the whole story for me! Anyone who plans to watch the movie but haven’t read the book, please go read!! You wouldn’t regret it :)

I actually cried more in Freedom Writers (watched that in Lit) than My Sister’s Keeper (barely shed a tear), which is quite disappointing. Maybe because I knew how the story was gonna turn out? Either way I don’t think the movie was great. At times it was shockingly grotesque – maybe only shocking because it transformed what we read (and perceived) into something visual. I didn’t expect the bruises and paleness of Kate that much, so I sort of cringed. Which is good, because that means the movie is at least realistic.

Oh well. The movie feels like a lengthy summary (paradox) of the novel to me. Not terrible but definitely not awesome. Which is what people who have read the novels before usually say after they watch the film adaptations.

let me hear your voice

October 29, 2009

声をきかせて by Big Bang! ♥

I love this song, this mv, gd and TOP’s rap (omg), daesung’s voice, etc etc :D

The MV is so glittery and polished! GD is charismatic as usual. @.@; (see 3:08!!) TOP also! Pause at 1:49 hahahaha -reminded of Taekyung-

Park Bom’s “You and I” also has a sweet MV, but she’s really super expressionless. Yes she smiles all the time – but that’s the problem! Who the heck smiles the same way throughout?! She varies between looking spaced out and happy (in a sleepy way). Maybe the problem is with her eyes – they’re big but not open-able HAHA! The song coupled with her voice reminds me of Zhang Ri-In though. o_o

I stole my brother’s wireless adapter (he’s in China) and my internet is now 162MBPS which is 200% faster! But it disconnects a LOT. -.-; Nothing is perfect huh.

Also! I watched You’re Beautiful with chinese subs and realised Go MiNam translates to “mei3 nan2” in chinese HAHAHA! Best thing is “MiNyu” (girl version) translates to “mei3 nv3″… So literal huh :P